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Adaptive Bitrate simplified

We create every quality possible, so you can reach your audience, on any device, with any connection.


We are always close

Thanks to CDN distribution via 28 hubs around the world for all qualities and formats.


Advertisement Ready

Our deployable player was built to support AIB standards, take control of the monetization of your content.

User Experience

Dead simple operation

Your instance was built to be fully automated, so you don't have to worry about operation.

Light on resources

Light on Resources

Free up space and budget, you won't need to use additional hardware, existing can simply be enough.

Control and Security

Control & Security

Your content geographically targeted and protected, reach the eyes you want.

How the way LiveBurst works can help you?


Your transmission

Using your liveburst instance, does not require massive resources, in fact, you do not need any specialized hardware.

Also, the minimum bandwidth requirements to transmit are lower. For example you can upload 1080p with as little as 3.5 mbps of upload.

Monitor all your streams from anywhere on your mobile device or desktop computer, you will be able to control one or several instances.


Your LiveBurst Instance

Uncompromising performance, the cloud takes over. The creation of adaptive bitrate is performed entirely in the cloud.

CDN Integration, achieve transparency between your users and your content from wherever they are.

Automatic creation of qualities for any screen, from 1080p to 180p.


Your Audience

A single format for all platforms. You will be more accessible, free of network conditions or consumer device restrictions.

Monetize your content across all screens.

Faster loading time, thanks to CDN distribution, no matter the number of users or their location; access to your content will be unbeatable.

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