Your Transmission

Using your liveburst instance does not require massive resources, in fact, you do not need any specialized hardware. The minimum bandwidth requirements to transmit quality are low. For example, you can stream a reasonable 720p quality with aprox. 1.5 mbps upload speed. Monitor your streams on your mobile device.

Your Servers

Uncompromising performance with dedicated encoding and live servers. The creation of adaptive bitrates for live and multiple resolutions for vod respectively is done in automated cloud servers. Video qualities from 180p to 1080p. Multiple qualities are the solution for phones in the street and big screens with Internet.

Your Audience

You know your audience and how and where to contact them. Use the Liveburst player links to promote your message on social media and whatsApp.
Google analytics features a real time world map display of viewers. We can customize to any other tracking system.

The Administrator

The Liveburst administrator is designed to be as easy as possible. We removed all the complexities of databases, up-loaders, cloud and CDN server configurations and left a simple interface for managing media, accounts and users. Drag and drop your videos into the uploader, launch live streaming servers, get the player URL and publish your ideas anywhere.


Dedicated data centers with hundreds of servers are on standby to deliver massive capacity for up to several hundred thousand viewers. We achieve a complete load separation between your valuable content assets and your viewers, wherever they are. The CDN will appear as one access in your logs and serve all users without affecting your server's performance.

The Player

Free of adverse network conditions and consumer device restrictions, our CDN hosted player plays HLS and MP4, the two formats reaching all platforms and devices. It displays multiple resolutions with blazing-fast loading times, no matter the number of users or their location. Using our player, your media content will be very accessible, available and unbeatable.